Things to do on St. Kitts Island

Amazing St. Kitts Attractions

St. Kitts island attractions

The island of St. Kitts would seem enough, wouldn't it? Those beaches with water bluer than azure. That sun sparkling on the ocean waves, setting shadows of majestic palms swaying across the sand. The mild tropical blows a cool and soothing caress. The bright stretch of days yours to do with as you please. All this and more awaits you on St. Kitts Island.

Things to Do on St. Kitts Island

Whether you prefer to lay poolside, taking in the tranquil serenity surrounding you; want to get in some sightseeing of the gorgeous island's natural and cultural history or prefer some adventurous water tours and zip-line excursions, you'll have more things to do on St. Kitts island than you'll have time. Which will only mean, of course, that you'll have to come back. Not that you wouldn't want to anyway.

Shopping on St. Kitts

If shopping is your thing, you'll find all the great merchandise you crave—no matter your taste or budget—on St. Kitts. From clothing and jewelry to local crafts and artisan rums, St. Kitts offers an eclectic selection of goods in laid-back style—all at prices you can't beat, given that many merchants are open to negotiation and a wide array of items are available at duty-free prices. Generally, you can expect most shops to be open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

    Touring St. Kitts

    When you're in St. Kitts, you're literally in paradise, and have easy access to wide array of touring options. Take a complete tour of the island the usual way, in a private island tour with your own driver. For a completely different view, take a ride on the wonderful and unique Scenic Railway. For those who prefer to tour the island on their own, the friendly staff at Ottley's can arrange a rental car. It's recommended that this be arranged before your stay if you'll be visiting during peak seasons.

    If you want to explore further, you can hop onto the ferry and visit our sister island of Nevis. An island tour there includes visits to downtown Charleston, the Nevis Botanical Garden, a few charming plantation inns, galleries and museums. Ferries run back and forth several times a day.

    Water Adventures on St. Kitts

    Enjoy the crystal blue waters however you like. Whether you prefer scuba diving, deep sea fishing, a sailing voyage or catamaran tour, you'll have plenty of opportunities to get to know this slice of paradise up close and personal. Additional activities include assorted full- and half-day boating and snorkeling adventures.

    Hikes and Exploration

    Land-based adventures are numerous, exciting and unique to the historic island. Right at Ottley's you'll find the onsite rain forest ravine as well as other walks, gardens and paths that will provide hours of fascinating exploration, always with the possibility of a Vervet Monkey crossing your path or watching from the trees above. You can also use one of the bikes at Ottley's to go higher into the hills, along the old sugar cane trails. Guided can be easy on a pleasant rain forest walk, or strenuous, if you want to trek all the way up Mt. Liamuiga. We can arrange for knowledgeable and friendly guides for a number of explorations. The newest attraction is the zipline adventure, which traverses rain forest ravines on an exciting course of ropes, all well-managed to assure safety.

    St. Kitts Attractions

    Rich with a fascinating history, the land of sugar cane offers a one-of-a-kind experience for visitors—one where times, places and customs of the past can be experienced as you walk through downtown Basseterre, take in the sites of battle, and tour the plantations that turned St. Kitts into one of the largest sugar-producers in the world. Not to be missed is Brimstone Hill Fortress, a Unesco World Heritage Site. Other culturally, architecturally and historically significant St. Kitts Heritage Sites you won't want to miss include Romney Manor, home of the famous Caribelle Batik, the museum located in the Old Treasury building, a number of churches cemeteries, and Independence Square in downtown Basseterre.

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