About St. Kitts in the West Indies

About St. Kitts in the West Indies

When you come to the Federation of St. Kitts-Nevis in the West Indies, paradise, you'll think, has finally been found. Just 69 square miles. A population of 31,000. Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Home to heavenly beaches and green miles of rain forest. St. Kitts' stultifying mountain peaks and deep, verdant valleys—formed from the 3,792-foot extinct volcanic pinnacle known as Mount Liamuiga—lead out to golden sand beaches and sparkling clear waters rich with tropical fish. St. Kitts. Paradise personified.

St. Kitts, West Indies beach hotel

All About St. Kitts

With a year-long mild climate, warm temperatures and low humidity, St. Kitts in the West Indies is delightful year-round. English is the official language, while it is spoken with a particular West Indies accent and includes several West Indian colloquialisms. The vibe is laid-back, casual, welcoming and family-friendly. For more information about St. Kitts, review  these facts, and of course, remember that our friendly staff is always happy to answer your questions and accommodate your needs.

St. Kitts West Indies—The Land of Sugar Cane

Once the most vital crop on the globe, sugar was St. Kitts' main source of economic vitality from the 1700s—when it was indeed the most important export in the world. When sugar was king, the English-colonized St. Kitts was its castle, distributing sugar, rum and molasses with the help of 68 sugar plantations and countless slaves. Thankfully, slavery has long since been abolished. However, the plantations and mills of the island remain an important historical testament to St. Kitts rich and volatile history.

About the Beautiful Beaches of St. Kitts

Begin your day by enjoying a delightful breakfast then take the 11 a.m. shuttle to historic downtown Basseterre, to the golf course in Frigate Bay or the beach, where you can bathe yourself in the warm waters surrounding the island of St. Kitts. Or should we say beaches? Our volcanic island boasts a number of exhilarating but rugged black and dark sand beaches that fringe the Atlantic coastline. Golden sand beaches on the much calmer Caribbean start at South Frigate Bay, and then continue on down the Southeast Peninsula. Our driver will offer stops at a couple of the best beaches there, offering endless opportunities for swimming, snorkeling and idly passing the day upon the sand. Snorkel around the underwater reef populated with tropical fish and other exotic creatures. Stay later to enjoy casual bars and an impossibly beautiful sunset at the strip on Frigate Bay beach. Maybe even stay on for some karaoke or a cultural show at one of the beach bars there.

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