History of Ottley

History of Ottley's Plantation Inn

The inn is located on a property known as Ottley's Estate. Drewry Ottley of Yorkshire, England settled here in the early 1700s, and established a sugar plantation here. The Ottley family continued to live on the property through the 1800s. Four families owned the estate in the 20th century before it was purchased by the current owners. It had remained a sugar-growing estate for most of that time, and the Great House was a private residence.

The Keusch-Lowell family had been visitors to St. Kitts for a number of years when in 1988, they made the decision to purchase the modest Great House set on extraordinary grounds. Booksellers from Princeton, New Jersey in the USA, they sold everything and started their St. Kitts adventure, which continues to this day.

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